This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 1.1.5 - "Saldaea"
Released: 12th February 2014
Next Version: 1.1.6
Previous Version: 1.1.4

Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Explicitly paused Timer continues if you un-focus and focus the browser window (thanks georgiee)
  • Added TimerEvent.pendingDelete and checks in Timer.update, so that removing an event in a callback no longer throws an exception (thanks georgiee)
  • Fixed TypeScript defs on lines 1741-1748 (thanks wombatbuddy)
  • Added SAT.js to TypeScript definition. Now compiles properly.
  • Added missing Line.js to the Grunt file.
  • Tilemap#paste diffX and diffY equations changed, fixed issue #393 (thanks brejep)
  • Added missing return value in Body.hitLeft and hitRight, fixes issue #398 (thanks ram64).
  • Fixed easing tween example case. Issue #379 (thanks wesleywerner)
  • Removed SAT.js UMD wrapped, fixes issue #361 (thanks luizbills)
  • Removed inContact check from Body.separate.
  • Fixed Tilemap docs (wrongly pointed to Tileset methods)