This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 1.1.2
Released: 1st November 2013
Next Version: 1.1.3
Previous Version: 1.1.1

Change Log

  • New: You'll now find a complete Basic project Template in the resources/Project Templates folder. Will add more complex ones soon.
  • New: Phaser.Button now has the ability to set over/out/up/down sound effects so they play automatically based on those events.
  • New: Added init method to plugins, to be called as they are added to the PluginManager (thanks beeglebug)
  • New: Physics.Body now has a center property (issue 142, thanks MikeMnD)
  • New: Lots of fixes across Full Screen Mode support. Input now works, scaling restores properly, world scale is correct and anti-alias support added.
  • New: Added Group.cursor. This points to the first item added to a Group. You can move the cursor with and Group.previous().
  • New: Added Tween.isTweening(object) to check if an object is currently being tweened or not (thanks mikehamil10)
  • New: Added getMagnitude, setMagnitude, normalize and isZero methods to Point (thanks beeglebug)
  • New/Change: Group.callAll now supports nested functions and a context, making it really powerful!
  • Updated: Fixed a few final bugs in the Sprite body and bounds calculations, in turn this resolved the Tilemap collision issues in the 1.1 release.
  • Updated: Finished documentation for the Phaser.Button class.
  • Updated: Fixed the Invaders game sample and enhanced it.
  • Updated: Fixed the Star Struck game sample and enhanced it.
  • Updated: If you pause an Animation, when you next play it it'll resume (un-pause itself).
  • Updated: hexToRGB now accepts short hex codes (#EEE) (thanks beeglebug)
  • Updated: State functions (preload, update, render, etc) are now passed the current game as a parameter (thanks beeglebug)
  • Updated: If your game is running in Canvas (not WebGL) you can now set Stage.backgroundColor to rgba style CSS strings, allowing for semi-transparent game backgrounds.
  • Updated: event.preventDefault() has been added to all Mouse event handlers.
  • Updated: Sprite.deltaX/Y removed due to non-use. prevX/Y values moved to Sprite._cache.prevX/Y.
  • Updated: Due to missing extends parameter the Sprite prototype was picking up functions from classes it never meant to (Button, TilemapLayer), now fully isolated.
  • Fixed issue 135 - Added typeof checks into most ArcadePhysics functions to avoid errors with zero values.
  • Fixed issue 136 - distanceTo using worldX/Y instead of x/y.
  • Fixed lots of examples where the cursor keys / space bar were not locked from moving the browser page (if you find any more, please tell us!)
  • Fixed issue 149 - Starling XML files now load properly again, also created an Example to show use of them (thanks haden)
  • Fixed an issue where if the Starling XML file didn't contain a frameX/Y value it would crash on import.
  • Fixed the Multiple Animations Example - it's now a lovely underwater scene :)
  • Fixed issue 141 - If a Sprite is dragged and you release the Pointer while not over the Sprite, it will think it's still over it (thanks Paratron)
  • Fixed issue 88 - Incorrect game.input.x/y values on click with scaled stage (thanks DrHackenstein)
  • Fixed issue 143 - Entering full screen mode made the Input x/y coordinates go wrong.