This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 0.9.3
Released: 24th April 2013
Next Version: 0.9.4
Previous Version: 0.9.2

Change Log

  • Added the new ScrollZone game object. Endlessly useful but especially for scrolling backdrops. Created 6 example tests.
  • Added GameObject.hideFromCamera(cameraID) to stop an object rendering to specific cameras (also showToCamera and clearCameraList)
  • Added GameObject.setBounds() to confine a game object to a specific area within the world (useful for stopping them going off the edges)
  • Added GameObject.outOfBoundsAction, can be either OUT OF BOUNDS STOP which stops the object moving, or OUT OF BOUNDS KILL which kills it.
  • Added GameObject.rotationOffset. Useful if your graphics need to rotate but weren't drawn facing zero degrees (to the right).
  • Added shiftSinTable and shiftCosTable to the GameMath class to allow for quick iteration through the data tables.
  • Added more robust frame checking into AnimationManager
  • Re-built Tilemap handling from scratch to allow for proper layered maps (as exported from Tiled / Mappy)
  • Tilemap no longer requires a buffer per Camera (in prep for WebGL support)
  • Fixed issues with Group not adding reference to Game to newly created objects (thanks JesseFreeman)
  • Fixed a potential race condition issue in Game.boot (thanks Hackmaniac)
  • Fixed issue with showing frame zero of a texture atlas before the animation started playing (thanks JesseFreeman)
  • Fixed a bug where Camera.visible = false would still render
  • Removed the need for DynamicTextures to require a key property and updated test cases.
  • You can now pass an array or a single value to Input.Keyboard.addKeyCapture().