This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 0.9.0
Released: 18th April 2013
Next Version: 0.9.1
Previous Version: 0.8

Change Log

  • Large refactoring. Everything now lives inside the Phaser module, so all code and all tests have been updated to reflect this. Makes coding a tiny bit more verbose but stops the framework from globbing up the global namespace. Also should make code-insight work in WebStorm and similar editors.
  • Added the new GeomSprite object. This is a sprite that uses a geometry class for display (Circle, Rectangle, Point, Line). It's extremely flexible!
  • Added Geometry intersection results objects.
  • Added new Collision class and moved some functions there. Contains all the Game Object and Geometry Intersection methods.
  • Can now create a sprite animation based on frame names rather than indexes. Useful when you've an animation inside a texture atlas. Added test to show.
  • Added addKeyCapture(), removeKeyCapture() and clearCaptures() to Input.Keyboard. Calls event.preventDefault() on any keycode set to capture, allowing you to avoid page scrolling when using the cursor keys in a game for example.
  • Added new Motion class which contains lots of handy functions like 'moveTowardsObject', 'velocityFromAngle' and more.
  • Tween Manager added. You can now create tweens via Game.createTween (or for more control game.tweens). All the usual suspects are here: Bounce, * Elastic, Quintic, etc and it's hooked into the core game clock, so if your game pauses and resumes your tweens adjust accordingly.